James Dailey

Executive Producer

James Dailey got his start as an on-air personality at a classic rock radio station. Since then James has focused on entertainment technology assisting some of the biggest names in the industry to perfect their software.

James’ passion for telling stories using technology has inspired him to learn visual effects, motion graphics and 3D animation. This has given him a unique perspective allowing him to enhance his storytelling in visually compelling ways.

His directorial debut, a VFX laden short film, featured a CG main character. For his latest project Tabitha, Witch of the Order his collective experiences have helped him to once again bring magic to the screen.

Arthur (AC) Rains-McNally

Executive Producer

Arthur grew up in the wilds of Eastern Washington. Today, he’s pursuing writing and producing in the wild metropolis of Seattle.

A frequent collaborator, Arthur has co-written many scripts that have either won or received finalist placement in myriad of contests, including the PAGE International Screenwriting contest.

Arthur's spec pilot script for Tabitha, Witch of the Order was awarded funding assistance from the State of Washington via the Innovation Labs program at Washington Filmworks.

Arthur serves as Executive Producer at production company Decoded Films. There he leverages his background as an Actuary to keep productions on time and on budget.

Jonathan Michael Tanner

Executive Producer

While growing up in the New England area Jonathan acted in the community productions. He also worked on other productions as a Stage Manager at the Lost Nation Theater in Montpelier, Vermont.

After moving to the Seattle area to work for Microsoft, he wrote, directed, produced and edited his first independent feature Film: Crit-Sit: 593.

Since completing his First feature Film, Jonathan has worked as Assistant Director, Producer and Casting Agent for various projects including the short film Seconds, produced by Adrienne Wilkinson. He also Executive Produced the ambitious short film Techno Lust.