Arthur (AC) Rains-McNally

Executive Producer

Arthur grew up chasing his dog through acres of sagebrush in the wilds of Eastern Washington. Today, he lives in the metropolis of Seattle. As an actuary he spends his days advising corporations, unions, and governments on their pension liabilities and mortality rates. As a filmmaker he spends his nights writing and his weekends blocking and shooting.


He has written multiple features and television pilots in addition to a horde of short films. Arthur, along with cowriter Guy Steele, has won many awards for their spec pilot Czar of Detroit— winner Las Vegas Screenplay Contest, finalist Page International Screenplay Contest, Creative World Awards, Stage 32 Happy Writer TV Contest, Pilot Launch Contest and Screenplay Festival Contest.


In addition to his writing, Arthur produces short films including the sci-fi thriller Techno Lust.


Arthur’s currently working to bring his award winning supernatural drama pilot Tabitha, Witch of the Order, to life.

James Dailey

Executive Producer

James Dailey’s first real taste of the entertainment business was as an on air personality at a classic rock radio station. While working as a DJ, James leveraged all of the gadgets and gizmos in the studio to create entertaining ads. Through this experience he realized that technology was the key to enable artists and storytellers to do their best work. Riding high on this realization he left radio and became a software engineer specializing in digital video technologies.


Since then James has worked with some of the biggest names in entertainment technology including Adobe, Microsoft and Avid.  This engineering background has given him a unique perspective that has allowed him to leverage the power of technology to tell unique and compelling stories in new and interesting ways.


James’ passion for combining technology and storytelling has lead him to learn the art and craft of 3D animation, visual effects and motion graphic design. Using these tools, he recently completed an ambitious live action stunt laden short film with a computer generated main character.


He has also been experimenting with desktop motion capture to create computer animation that has a hand drawn and graphic quality. These techniques have allowed James to create an animated previsualization as part of the preproduction work for his latest project Tabitha, Witch of the Order.

Jonathan Michael Tanner

Executive Producer

While growing up in the New England area Jonathan's interests in film and theater grew as he acted in the community productions A Christmas Carol and the musical 1776.  He also worked on productions of Oklahoma, and was the Stage Manager for a production of George Bernard Shaw's Arms and the Man during it's run at the Lost Nation Theater in Montpelier, Vermont.


In college he minored in Art History which helped him gain a more critical understanding of how the visual styles represented in film can affect how audiences interpret them.


After moving to the Seattle area to work for Microsoft, he became interested in learning more about the film making process.  After attending a variety of local and regional programs on film making and story writing (including ‘Story’ by Robert McKee)  he wrote, directed, produced and edited his first independent feature film: Crit-Sit: 593.


Since completing his feature film, Jonathan has worked as Assistant Director, Producer and Casting Agent for local projects including a number of 48 hour films, as well as the short films Seconds and TechnoLust.

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