The creators of Tabitha, Witch of the Order affectionately refer to their vision for this one-hour television drama as “a cop show with witches”.


Rookie witch / cop Tabitha attempts to prove herself on her first big case, a who-done-it magical multiple homicide. She soon realizes the gravity of the situation when she recognizes one of the victims as a former classmate. In her inexperienced hands, the case becomes a disaster when she inadvertently blows up the crime scene. This leads to her suspension. Undaunted, Tabitha has to work outside the system if she wants show the Order that she is capable of solving the crime.


In modern day Seattle magic is real and threatens to unravel the fabric of society. The Order of Lucis is the organization tasked with investigating magical crimes and bringing rogue witches to justice. Tabitha, a rookie Witch of the Order is partnered with a Priest named Father Thomas. Each week they tackle a new magical crime while working to stop a coven of evil witches lead by Father Thomas’ former apprentice, Hester.