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    April 7, 2016 - Team Tabitha heads to Emerald City Comic-Con. We will be sharing a booth at ECCC with artists Chris McFann and TJ Troy. Stop by AA-08.


    March 31, 2016 - The pilot script for Tabitha, Witch of the Order won the Las Vegas Screenplay Competition's "Television Pilot" category! Check out all the winners here.


    March 24, 2016 - We are pleased to announce that Tabitha, Witch of the Order was selected to take part in Washington Filmworks Innovation Lab. The full announcement is available here.


    April 30, 2016 - We are pleased to welcome Josh Hamilton to Team Tabitha as our social media manager. Not only is Josh a master of all things social he is also an actor, director and educator.


    April 21, 2016 - This week's Witchy Wednesday release features a preview of the fire whip effect that. We will see more of the fire whip over the next few weeks. Head over to the "GALLERY" page or Vimeo to check it out.


    April 13, 2016 - This week's Witchy Wednesday release features the visual effects mastery of Tim Turner. Head over to the "GALLERY" page or check it out on Vimeo.



In modern-day Seattle a rookie witch teams up with a grizzled priest to stop a coven of rogue witches and uncover the truth behind magic’s reemergence.

We are thrilled to present the cast of Tabitha: Witch of the Order! Featuring: Eliza Jacobson (Tabitha), Lowell Deo (Father Thomas), Ryan Sanders (Father Steve), Te Yelland (Peng), Allan Aqunio (Shen), Mahria Zook (Hester) and Annaliese von der Burg (Mrytle).



We are excited to present Tabitha, Witch of the Order. We affectionately refer to our one-hour television drama as “a cop show with witches”. In modern day Seattle, Tabitha, a rookie Witch of the Order, is partnered with a grizzled priest, Father Thomas. Each week they tackle a new magical “case”. In Tabitha’s world, the prevalence of magic ebbed and flowed and was considered a myth from a bygone age. Until one day, magic reappeared and witches could suddenly manipulate the four elements. These wondrous abilities can be unpredictable and dangerous. Fear of witches threatens to unravel the fabric of society. Desperate to maintain order, the government is forced to reach out to the only group capable of handling the rising tide of witches, the Order of Lucis. This religious organization is tasked with bringing the perpetrators of magical crimes to justice.

Tabitha, Witch of the Order represents an effort to join the renaissance of genre-based programming. We are focused on breathing new life into this well-trod territory by stepping away from the typical “soap-opera” or “pseudo-melodrama” style of modern urban fantasy. Our goal is to create a show that is dark without being bleak, cute without being saccharin, and fun without trying to be funny.

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